Our Reunion workshop

COSYSTEC is located in Ravine des Cabris, in the South of Reunion Island. Our premises cover more than 400 sq m in surface area, of which 3/4ths are the cabinet assembly and wiring workshop. A specific area of the workshop is reserved for testing the cabinets according to standards in force.

We also have a storage area of more than 80 sq m for both all equipment necessary to produce equipment in progress and the usual equipment needed for responding immediately to urgent orders.



Installation design, plans and diagrams are made in accordance with European standards in force and using control office-approved calculation software. The use of appropriate software ensures quality of electrical equipment studies and allows us to produce accurate estimates.

Adapted tools for precise, efficient performance

COSYSTEC has all the specific tools for producing electrical cabinets (for bending, cutting, punching, wiring diagrams, producing labels, etc.).
Our workshop is equipped with a number of machines used by our technicians to work quickly and in good conditions. Among our various machines and tools:

  • 2 sets of punches;
  • 1 mechanical, multi-shape DIN rail couple;
  • 2 guillotines, 2 benders and 2 hydraulic punching machines for brass bars;
  • 1 pillar drill;
  • 4 cordless screwdriver;
  • 2 electric drills and jigsaws.


Our wiring tools are adapted to quality work:

  • 1 complete toolbox per fitter/cable installer;
  • 1 multimeter per fitter/cable installer;
  • 1 insulation tester per fitter/cable installer;
  • 1 voltage detector per fitter/cable installer;
  • A set of keys for adaptation of moulded case circuit breakers.


Safety is always our main concern. We are equipped with test units to implement IEC 61439-2 standard. All our cabinets are voltage tested (400V, 220V and other direct voltages if necessary) with:

  • 1 dielectric test unit;
  • 1 test unit for differential, earthing, insulation;
  • 2 test boxes for Schneider Electric NSX 100-630 and NS 800-3200 electronic circuit breakers;
  • Various torque wrenches for correct torque.


All control and power cables are labelled for long-duration use. Outdoor labelling is carried out with adhesive, engraved labels that are made to measure in our workshops (with several colours and customisable fonts).

  • 1 central vacuum system with 7 terminals throughout the workshop;
  • 1 laser label-engraving machine.

This machine enables us to produce a very wide range of engraving types, label dimensions and colours and label types (individual, stripes) and formats.

Transport means for easy delivery

Being on the same territory as most of our clients, we can deliver cabinets much more easily than through importation. We are therefore extremely responsive, especially when works are urgent. We use the following fleet for deliveries throughout the island:
  • Two 2-tonne forklifts;
  • Two vehicules for sales visits;
  • One van for on-site interventions and deliveries.