Rakesh Mudhoo
Rakesh MudhooGeneral Manager - +262 262 32 36 37

Rakesh Mudhoo, General & Technical Manager

After completing an Advanced Technician’s Degree (BTS) in Electronics at Roland Garros Senior High School in Le Tampon (Reunion Island), Rakesh Mudhoo started his career in Mauritius as Sales Technician with Gustave Morel Engineering (System buildings).

He then worked in Paris with ARAITEC as Representative.

Rakesh came back to Reunion in 2005, first working with Corem as Business Manager.

In 2006 he decided to set up COSYSTEC to meet the growing needs of Reunion’s market.

He has been the Company Manager since. As a specialist he can also supervise all of COSYSTEC’s production and projects.

Qualified technicians at your service

Our electricians have years of experience and are fully qualified to perform all production stages from design to cabinet assembly to wiring. We can therefore guarantee all our works. All COSYSTEC fitters/cable installers at least hold a Vocational Baccalaureate in Electrotechnics.

For our team to maintain cutting-edge skills in each of their domains, we regularly organise training sessions with partner manufacturers so as to be informed about the latest product ranges released on the market and to offer ever more innovating solutions. The sessions are aimed at giving trainees—in addition to the professional capacities they already have—knowledge about risks linked to the performance of operations near or on electrical equipment and on how to prevent them.

Lucien DUCHEMANSales Technician - +262 262 32 36 38
Anthony HOARAU
Anthony HOARAUSales Technician - +262 262 32 36 36
John LEBRETONDesign Technician - +262 262 32 36 34
Johnny TOLBIZESales Technician +230 698 48 67
Philippe COUSIN
Philippe COUSINTechnican & Quality Controller
Emmanuel MERCA
Emmanuel MERCAFitter/Cable Installer
Rodolphe FONTAINETechnican & Quality Controller
Dylan FONTAINEFitter/Cable Installer
Cédric PICARDFitter/Cable Installer
Yvan DIJOUXFitter/Cable Installer
Guillaume JEANTROUXFitter/Cable Installer
Sidhart TAYEEA
Sidhart TAYEEAFitter/Cable Installer
Rachelle ROUNIA
Rachelle ROUNIAManagement Assistant - +262 262 32 19 78
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We are often looking for skilled technicians wishing to work with a high-technology company. Do not hesitate to contact us and/or directly send us an application.
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