conception-systemes-electrotechniquesThe study of your project can be based either on your specifications or simply on your ideas and needs. You can provide us with information in written or diagram form enabling us to understand your expected results. This can be carried out by a “simple synopsis,” “preliminary notes” or an operating diagram, according to your activity.

We work in close cooperation with the studies and technical departments of our suppliers (Schneider Electrics, Legrand, Socomec, Siemens, ABB, Comar, Italfarad) in order to meet your requirements. Through our partnerships with manufacturers, product experts can also intervene for specific projects. Their cooperation enables us to offer cutting-edge innovative solutions.

What we can make for you:
  • balance of power;
  • wiring dossier;
  • cabinet layout;
  • BOM list;
  • single wiring diagram;
  • multiple wiring diagram;
  • terminal diagram;
  • heat dissipation ventilation system calculation;
  • capacitor bank dimensioning for reactive energy compensation;
  • UPS system dimensioning.
We can generate data files and graphs in all commercial standard formats (DXF, XLS, ASCII, XML, etc.).

We have a version of Caneco that enables us to carry out multi-lingual, multi-standard and multi-trademark studies.

Caneco LV is a dimensioning and automatic diagram software for Low Voltage electrical installations that determines the most economical cable sections as well as the whole protection system. Caneco generates the diagrams and documents required for electrical installation design, production, testing and maintenance. A leading European software, Caneco LV has been awarded three technical advices (NF C 15-100, BS and RGIE) certifying standard compliance of its calculations. It handles international standards including IEC364, HD384 and VDE.

We provide study services in addition to our core activity as electrical cabinet builders. At the end of the study phase we will offer to make your project.

Why choose COSYSTEC to study your project ?


COSYSTEC is independent from manufacturers; this guarantees that you will get unbiased advice from us. You can choose the equipment manufacturer you want for all or part of your cabinet.

Flexibility & Reactivity

The Design Office is part of the same entity and works in close cooperation with the production plant, thus enabling real flexibility during project development.

One Contact

One service provider
one contact person
From design through manufacturing to commissioning, you will have one contact person.

Economy & Safety

We systematically endeavour to find the most economic solution that corresponds to all standard requirements, whether this be for switchgear, protections or cables.

As the electrotechnical consultant, the Design Office can fully monitor the technical progress of your projet:

  • Onsite survey;
  • Electrical diagram CAD;
  • On-site technical support;
  • Project technical and standard monitoring;
  • Final implementation files (DAO).