About us

The COSYSTEC (Conception de Systèmes Electrotechniques [Electrical Systems Design]) company, set up in 2006, has become the leading panel builder in the Indian Ocean. We design and produce electrical cabinets for the following sectors :
  • Small- and large-scale service companies;
  • Industry;
  • Water treatment;
  • Pumping stations and water treatment plants;
  • Control and air conditioning
  • PV farm DC and LV cabinets
  • Capacitor banks
COSYSTEC builds its cabinets according to the standard IEC 61439-1&2 in partnership with manufacturers Schneider Electric for all sectors and Legrand for the service sector.

COSYSTEC is located on Reunion Island and Mauritius, and can meet your expectations in terms of cabinet wiring and panel building in any Indian Ocean country.

A reliable company with skilled electro-technicians, COSYSTEC has built up trust among Reunion Island’s client base.

Our activities


We support all our clients in their project design. Depending on how advanced your project is, we can either just advise you on specific subjects or entirely design the whole system to meet your needs.

COSYSTEC is independent from manufacturers; this guarantees that you will get unbiased advice from us. You can choose the equipment manufacturer you want for all or part of your cabinet.

We systematically endeavour to find the most economic solution that corresponds to standard requirements, whether this be for switchgear, protections or cables.


Dedicate yourselves to setting up and organising construction works. COSYSTEC will make your cabinets and deliver them fully equipped and ready to use, under one sole name.

We work in close collaboration with manufacturers to offer our clients innovative solutions that meet their needs. Our various official quality seals guarantee top-level quality of service.

Electric cabinet and panel wiring is our core business, and we also offer numerous services and products in connection to it.


As our technicians are trained and have electrical certification, they can carry out tests directly on site. Depending on the importance and scale of the project, these tests can take place before or after cabinets are connected and in the presence of representatives of the various trades involved.

We can also help you optimise industrial high- and low-voltage electrical networks. To compensate reactive energy, you can choose from our range of capacitor banks.

For maximum service continuity we have various UPS systems that can best adapt to all types of installations through exclusive technology.


COSYSTEC proposes engineering, preventive and corrective maintenance, audit and advisory services to its clients. Renowned for its reactivity and organisation, COSYSTEC is a trustworthy partner. We design, produce and maintain low voltage installations:

  • Electric cabinets
  • Distribution
  • UPS systems
  • Capacitor banks

A strong partnership with Schneider Electric International

Aiming for Excellence Award is Schneider Electrics’ global partnership programme. It is accessible to panel builders meeting the performance criteria for even more satisfaction of Installer and Final User clients.
The programme is based on various partnership modes including:

  • optimised use of products in our panels
  • optimised technical integration of products and functional units
  • sale and production of tested panels using Schneider Electric operating systems
  • design, sale and implementation of Solutions & Services

All our cabinets are tested under standard IEC 61439-1&2.

Knowledge of and compliance with standards in force is key for the Panel Builder—and part and parcel of its activity.
Our cabinets and bays are made and tested in accordance with the latest regulation changes so as to comply with current and future standards. Our control and test procedures are carried out taking into consideration standards in force. We can also adapt to your procedures and specifications if you so wish.

Clients and Installers working with us

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