Project description

After building several water treatment plants, the Corem, OTV and Veolia consortium decided to have recourse to COSYSTEC again for the equipment of the new treatment plant in Saint-Louis with 6 distribution cabinets. The project included the study and building of 6 wastewater treatment process automation cabinets. COSYSTEC’s presence on the island allowed the consortium to carry out checks and programming tests directly in their workshop. The new range of ATV630 Schneider Electric variators was used exclusively for the project, the first of its kind on Reunion Island. Using this type of loaders makes it possible to reduce the number of contactors.

Cabinets : Schneider Electric Spatial IP55
Protection : NS 1250
Amperage : 1250A
Time track : 3 weeks

In numbers

0 cabinets
0 A
0 weeks