logo-CHUThe General Hospital wanted to replace the two main LV boards (MLVB) contained in its 29.2 Transformer Station as part of reliability works there.

The MLVBs were in TT (Ground on Transformer side) mode. The objective was to bypass the differential circuit breakers by switching to TNC (ground and protection conductor mixed) or TNS (ground and protection conductor separated) mode depending on cable section.


Porte vitrée SchneiderPanels include Schneider Prisma + type pillars with 600mm minimal depth and 650mm width, accessible from both sides, equipped with lockable translucent front doors.

Distribution is through protected busbars accessible through doors. The panel is of 3b shape, with Index Service (IS) 233 as per Standard NF EN 60 439-1. It comes equipped with a communicating Module BSCM NSX PM850-type power monitor.

Communicated operating aid data: adjustments, settings, alarms, event history and tables, maintenance indicators. Tables include all connections, communication modules and wiring required for supervision system integration as well as a TCP/IP compliant Ethernet bridge.

Earth Terminal

In pursuance of Art. 12 of Decree 14 November 1988, protection conductors are connected individually to a general busbar or individual terminals associated to each circuit, depending on cable section.

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Power wires are identified by means of sleeves fixedly attached to the cable at protection system level on both sides of terminals.

Protection and control, emergency stop, door mounted control, signalling lamp, etc. wires are identified with engraved, insulating and irremovable labels.


A transparent plastic folder containing the installation diagram, each terminal identification number, protection calibres and an equipment location plan is placed inside each cabinet.



The system is based on an intelligent module unit solution including all measurement, local display and communication functionalities. The centralised Modbus architecture is powered by several power segments.


To guarantee maximum quality and performance level, panels were built in compliance with IEC 60439-1 Standard. They successfully got through the 10 tests in the most critical configurations.


The solution incorporates energy meter value acquisition, logic status acquisition and analogic value acquisition functions.

It interfaces with:

  • communicating BSCM NSX Module power monitors
  • communicating BSCM NSX Module breakers with embedded measuring capacities
  • modules providing logic status such as technical equipements, and analogic modules such as breaker status control modules (BSCM).
The solution is open to third-party products.

Communication Networks

The solution architecture is based on the TCP/IP Ethernet network infrastructure existing on site and the RS485 ModBus communication network.


EGX 300 Bridge & IRIO Ethernet Server

The solution is geared around an IRIO energy management control device and an EGX 300 bridge. The IRIO energy management control device serves as an Ethernet coupler for measurement devices and other BSCM NSX Module devices communicating in Modbus RS485 protocol. 
The IRIO energy management control device contains the HTML pages predefined by the XFLOW embedded software, accessible via a standard web browser. The HTML pages make it possible to display information from appliances connected to this monitor.

Modbus Interface Modules

The solution incorporates Modbus Interface Modules providing analogic and logic bridge functions.

These Modbus Interface Modules can multiplex electrical energy measurement and the status of a breaker taken on the same point of the electrical installation in a logic input.

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