Why Maintain Electrical Cabinets?

Each time current is switched into or off a circuit, a real—if imperceptible—mechanical shock is produced. In the long run, repeated minuscular shocks loosen the screws fastening the cables around electrical protections, thus decreasing contact quality. This can have severe consequences:

  • risk of fire caused by electric arcs;
  • bad quality of connections;
  • excessive power consumption;
  • totally random, unpredictable and difficult to detect loss of power supply in a circuit;
  • micro-cuts detrimental to computer systems and causing premature wear of fluorescent lighting tubes.
Maintenance also makes it possible to detect any handling errors which may have deteriorated the cabinet after delivery.

Our Maintenance Services

COSYSTEC proposes engineering, preventive and corrective maintenance, audit and advisory services to its clients. Renowned for its reactivity and organisation, COSYSTEC is a trustworthy partner. We design, produce and maintain low voltage installations:

  • Electrical cabinets;
  • Distribution;
  • UPS systems;
  • Capacitor banks.
We put our expertise at your disposal for electrical installation and maintenance. We use test kits to ensure proper operation of electronic circuit breakers after the manufacturer’s guarantee has expired.

Upgrade your Electrical Cabinets

Our privileged partnerships with manufacturers give us access to various equipment that can be used to upgrade cabinets with Service Indices 223 and 233. For more details on services we can perform on your cabinets, do not hesitate to contact us: we will endeavour to adapt to your specific needs.