Capacitor banks to compensate reactive energy

Energy suppliers can supply reactive energy, but this generates voltage surges in lines and transformers. That is why, when power is supplied in HVA form, distributors charge for the provision of reactive energy as well as for active energy.

To compensate reactive energy, we have a whole range of capacitor banks to help you optimise industrial high- and low-voltage electrical networks.

We offer the following services:
  • Power factor optimisation through capacitor bank;
  • Harmonics filtration through active and passive filters;
  • Network analysis.

COSYSTEC helps installers complete their projects from study to commissioning.

UPS Systems for Optimal Service Continuity

To guarantee maximum service continuity we have various UPS systems that can be fully adapted to all types of installations through exclusive technology. Their innovative modular design makes it possible to optimise available power, increase system flexibility and reduce total cost of operation (TCO).

With their highly standardised elements made of individual single-phase modules, our systems offer the highest scalability possibilities in the market.

Gradual Power Adaptation

Three-phase UPS systems are made up of individual, redundant and self-configurable single-phase modules allowing quick and secure power increase.

Optimisation of Interventions

UPS system transport, installation and maintenance are made easier by the reduced size and weight of power modules.