Electrical Cabinets for Industry, the Service Sector and Institutions

Dedicate yourselves to setting up and organising construction works. COSYSTEC will make your cabinets and deliver them fully equipped and ready to use, under one sole name. Through our services you can optimise purchase management as well as equipment reception and storage. We also become the Design Office’s main partner.

We can design and produce your projects merely on the basis of specifications. If you have no detailed technical specifications, you can ask us to design your project.

Electric cabinet and panel wiring is our core business, and we also offer numerous services and products in connection to it.

10-year and Civil Liability + IEC 61439-1&2 Standard Certificate

By using COSYSTEC for producing your cabinets, you automatically obtain manufacturer’s civil liability and ten-year legal guarantees for each of your projects, in addition to a Test Certificate issued pursuant to standard IEC 69439-1&2.

Our Suppliers

Our relationships with manufacturers allow us to have all technical and training documents, as well as a privileged technical support service.

We work in close collaboration with manufacturers to offer our clients innovative solutions that meet their needs. Our various official quality seals guarantee top-level quality of service.

Electrical Equipment Identification & Labelling

All control and power cables are labelled for long-duration use. Any outdoor labelling is carried out with adhesive, engraved labels. These labels are made to measure in our workshops (with several colours and customisable fonts).

For easier phase identification, we use the four usual wire colours for power wires up to 25 sq mm. Above that, wire links are identified with heat shrinkable sleeves of different colours.

Command circuits are identified separately from power wires (with other colours and a different numbering system).

COSYSTEC and its engraving department have the capacity to respond reactively and competitively to your requests, independently from manufacturing activities.

Controls & Tests

To guarantee its users’s safety, COSYSTEC makes a point of carrying out all mandatory controls and tests, in particular the three individual tests in pursuance of Standard IEC 61439-1&2, which come in completion of type tests previously made by the manufacturer.
Inspection of the unit, including wiring and, if necessary, electrical operation test:

  • Panel made in compliance with plans, BOM list and diagrams;
  • Number, type and calibre of equipment items;
  • Wiring compliance: power and auxiliary circuit connections;
  • Wiring quality: wire section, crimping and clamping;
  • Identification of conductors and equipment items;
  • Visual inspection;
  • Checking of creepage distance and air gaps in connections or busbar parts;
  • Checking of protection level. Presence of any variable protection systems depending on needs (canopy, joint, face plates, etc.). No prohibited action on casing (cuts, drilled holes, etc.) likely to undermine the original protection capacity;
  • Checking for an identification plate or technical documentation with manufacturer’s name, project number as well as all technical specifications of panel (voltage, current type, neutral point treatment, ICC, IP, person protection, panel dimensions and mass, etc.);
  • Electrical operation;
  • Inspect wiring and check that panel functions properly: relay system, measuring and monitoring, mechanical and electrical locking systems, etc.
Checking of insulation / Dielectric test

All equipment items must be connected except those which would not withstand test voltage. For a panel with nominal operation voltage rated 230 to 400V, apply a test voltage of 2,500V – 50Hz during one minute:

  • between all active parts and interconnected grounds of the unit;
  • between each pole and all other poles connected for that test to the interconnected grounds of the unit.

Tests are satisfactory where there no perforation nor arc fault takes place between the various parts tested.

  • Insulation measurement
Protection measure

  • Check for protection screens against direct and indirect contacts in live parts;
  • Carry out visual check;
  • Check that contact washers are present in assemblies and that torque is correct (with torque wrench);
  • Ground straps on doors (for electrical continuity);
  • Presence of PE conductor.
  • Clean inside of panel;
  • Check for panel identification marks;
  • Check external aspect: scratches, paint, etc.
  • Write a test report listing detected anomalies and corrective actions to be taken;
  • Fill in the checklist of all points to be verified;
  • Write a final test report certifying that all tests have been performed so as to save systematic re-checking on site;
  • Make a list of missing equipment;
  • Make a list of equipment to be sent separately from panel.

Specialists at your Service

Since 2006 COSYSTEC has taken part in Reunion Island’s largest-scale construction and renovation projects.

Our electricians have years of experience and are fully qualified to perform all production stages from design to cabinet assembly to wiring. We can therefore guarantee all our works.